Online Courses

Online Courses

If you are looking to increase your knowledge in certain subjects or wish to enroll in courses related to your vocation, there are many portals that offer such opportunities. Here is a list of certain links that can provide you the opportunity for education for self-improvement or for enhancing your vocational skills:


This portal congregates several free courses that are offered by different universities across the world. This portal lists useful courses that are offered under different categories for free across several world universities.

  •         Coursera

This website has open and online classes. You can enroll in a class of your choice and attend classes as and when they are scheduled with live online sessions.

  •         Allversity

This is another popular online or virtual educational forum where digital courses are available for free in a diverse range of subjects.

  •         Open2study

This is a portal that has online educational courses which are of good quality.

  •         Khan Academy

This academy offers world class education of different levels that are free for anyone to access anywhere.

  •         MIT OpenCourse

If you have always imagined having attended a college of the Ivy League standards, here is your chance to grab a quality free course from a range of options that this portal offers from MIT educational authorities.

  •         Skillshare

This is a portal that offers skill based projects and courses that are offered for free. You can unlock your creative side with this portal’s course.

  •         MOOC-List

This is a search engine that helps you find free online courses on varied subjects.

  •         FutureLearn

You will find online courses here, offered for free by several top international universities as well as other specialist educational institutes.

The above portals list several helpful platforms for people to find useful courses to pursue free. For those who have a thirst for knowledge or wish to enhance their vocational know-how can get enough resources from these platforms.